Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery in India

Spinal fusion surgery is conducted to permanently join two or more bones in the spine which completely eliminates their movement.

A spinal fusion surgery is conducted along with other surgeries such as laminectomy or foraminotomy. It is usually done when the patient suffers with a fracture or severe injury to the spine. In other cases it is conducted when the spine becomes weak due to tumor or infection. Spinal fusion is also conducted to rectify the abnormal curvatures as a result of kyphosis or scoliosis.

Process Before The Surgery

Before the date of the surgery certain measures are to be practiced by the patient so as to avoid any complications during the surgery.

  • If the doctor advices for some medications then that has to be taken by the patient before the surgery.
  • The patient needs to leave the habit of smoking.
  • If the patient is consuming any sort of medication then that needs to be conveyed to the surgeon.
  • If the patient has suffered with any illness in the past or is still suffering with some illness then even that has to be told to the surgeon.
  • Drinking and eating is not allowed for 6 to 12 hours before the surgery.
  • Prescribed medications should be consumed with a minimum amount of water.
During The Procedure

It takes around three to four hours for the complete surgical process to be performed successfully. The surgeries such as foraminotomy, laminectomy and diskectomy are performed first after which the spinal fusion surgery is conducted.

The spinal fusion surgery can be conducted on neck, back or spine area. The access to the spine is obtained by separating the tissues and muscles, while the patient lies facing down.

If the target area of surgery is lower back then the surgeon uses retractors to separate soft tissues from the blood vessels. Next step is to use a graft which can permanently fuse the bones of the spine. The bone graft is obtained from the other part of the patient’s body also known as auto graft.

Cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery in India

Cost of Spinal fusion surgery in India varies from hospital to hospital, location surgery and doctor chosen. Each hospital has their own set of infrastructure and facilities and so cost of spinal fusion surgery also varies. For best rates, you can contact our medical support team in free today and after explaining your condition, you can get exact cost of spinal fusion surgery.

Recovery time -

Once surgery is done, it takes somewhere around five to seven days for the patient to recover while staying in the hospital.

An intravenous line is kept intact so as to administer pain medications. The patient also receives physiotherapy in which the usual activities such as sitting, walking and standing are taught under proper guidance. The patient is unable to eat or drink anything for around two to three days and the nutrients are supplied through the very same intravenous line. The patient receives separate home care instructions which need to be duly followed.

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Dr. Harshavardhana Hegde

Director Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery


Max Hospital, Saket

32+ Years

Dr. Harshavardhana Hegde

Director Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Spine Surgery


Max Hospital, Saket

32+ Years

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